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Appointment Setting

‘We don’t have any problems at all once we are in front of potential new’s just the initial appointment making we need help with’. How often do you find yourself thinking this? Do you need somebody to carry out appointment generation for you, enabling you and your team to get out there and sell?

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Appointment Setter

Who sets your meetings for you? A common perception about sales professionals performing their own telesales cold calling is that they are, themselves, calling from a smaller business. Right or wrong, good or bad, this stereotype does exist. As a result it may provide an additional objection to overcome during the appointment setting process. Employing another member of staff to undertake this role can prove costly and time consuming. With no guarantee you achieve the results you are looking for, what is the alternative?

Appointment Setting Services

Using an experienced, well trained appointment setting professional increases the quality of sales appointments gained, maximising your potential to win new business. Jonti Telemarketing has a dedicated team of professionals whose sole purpose is to build relationships with your potential clients, providing highly qualified sales leads. A time saving, cost effective way to manage your lead generation process increases productivity all round.

Increased Sales

A greater number of new business meetings through consistent appointment generation will lead to increased sales. You have the confidence in your company’s sales ability and track record. Jonti Telemarketing will provide account management and appointment setting services to match.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation – a focused script and carefully planned lead generation campaign will, without question, deliver results. Our well established team has unrivalled experience in many business sectors including:

  • Financial services
  • Organisational development training
  • Recruitment
  • Security installations & management
  • Electrical contractors
  • Graphic design
  • IT support
  • Intellectual property coaching
  • Education
  • Marketing
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What our clients Say?

C&G Safety & Environmental Limited

Roger Hart:
We have used Jonti Telemarketing for over 4 years now and we keep using them with good reason – they get results. They have been helpful, proactive and have developed a good knowledge of our industry and company. I would be happy to recommend their services and have on several occasions.

Innovate IP

Karen Hensman:
JONTI telemarketing has been handling our calls for some time now. The service is exemplary and we’ve gained new clients from the meetings they arranged on our behalf! They took considerable time learning a complex subject in order to provide the best service possible and maximise results. JONTI have been flexible in their approach, adjusting the calling programme as necessary to fit in with our budget and business needs. We have had regular review meetings to discuss and adjust the script where necessary. Tracey in particular has been professional and approachable in all instances. I cannot recommend JONTI highly enough!

MNS Promotions

Deb Jones:
Tracey Ayers has been a pleasure to work with and know. Not only did she make time to get to know my business, she spent time to get to know me. This meant she could find the right clients for me to work with. Her insight and professionalism was inspirational. Her encouragement and belief in my business made her job easy to do, as she could confidently sell my business to anyone! Her recent training course on telesales skills was beautifully delivered, with attention detail on all levels. I would thoroughly recommend her services for your company.

Nedap Security Management

Jeroen Gieling:
We appointed JONTI Telemarketing after researching other providers and feel we've made the right decision for our business. Working closely together to understand our products and services has been crucial to the success of our appointment generation campaign. JONTI has consistently reviewed results and fed back to us on a regular basis. Their flexibility and innovative thinking have ensured we find the right approach when speaking with potential new clients. They have taken our ideas, worked closely with us and provided a solution to meet our objectives. We look forward to continuing our relationship and would highly recommend their services...
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