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B2B Lead Generation

Is generating new business often top of your daily to do list but seems to carry on to the next day’s tasks, never quite getting ticked off? Is business lead generation something you are thinking of outsourcing for the first time but not quite sure if it’s right for you?

When we speak to new clients about managing their telemarketing campaign, Jonti Telemarketing has found this is a very common situation for organisations to be in. Should you really entrust such an important part of your new business to business lead generation to a company outside of your own?

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We have been responsible for B2B lead generation for a vast portfolio of clients covering many different business sectors over the years. Regular updates keep you in control of this sales process whilst allowing you to benefit from higher quality results through specialist telemarketing professionals.

Each of our clients continues to profit from our experience and dedication to generating business leads and new business prospects. Why leave to chance what we can deliver?

Jonti Telemarketing B2B lead generation services can employ:

Full service and multi faceted B2B telemarketing disciplines
Data cleansing services
B2B appointment setting
Consultation and guidance with all support and marketing collateral

How often do you find yourself saying:

‘I don’t have any problems at all once I am in front of potential new clients...it’s just getting the initial lead and appointment that is the problem!’

Our team of professional telemarketers are experienced relationship builders. It is our responsibility to build trust in your organisation and develop an ongoing relationship without enforcing any pressure or hard sell. Jonti Telemarketing has proven that speaking with the right people at the right time, by keeping in regular contact, maximises the return of new business from your telemarketing calls. This is why many of our clients have used our services for several years and maintain a valuable return on their investment.

With over 20 years experience of b2b sales lead generation for organisations in a similar position to yours right now, can you really afford not to pick up the phone to hear how we can help you too? 

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation – a focused script and carefully planned lead generation campaign will, without question, deliver results. Our well established team has unrivalled experience in many business sectors including:

  • BannerIcon3 financial services
  • BannerIcon3organisational development training
  • BannerIcon3 recruitment
  • BannerIcon3 security installations & management
  • BannerIcon3electrical contractors
  • BannerIcon3graphic design
  • BannerIcon3 IT support
  • BannerIcon3 intellectual property coaching
  • BannerIcon3 education
  • BannerIcon3 marketing

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