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Data Cleansing

Did you know that business data can decay by in excess of 35%pa and that some £18million a year goes to waste on mailing deceased people? So the big question confronting most businesses is:

‘How accurate is the information in my database?’

Any business looking to improve the response rate to their marketing activities must first ensure the building blocks of their campaign are robust and up to the task. The secret behind the success of any marketing plan lies with having a database which is regularly updated. Employing a professional data cleansing service will ensure this is handled efficiently, whilst paying great attention to detail.

Working from clean and current data is essential for maximising the response potential of any marketing campaign. From running a simple e-marketing or posted mailer campaign, data cleaning is central. Whilst assisting with broader marketing activities and increasing return on investment, accurate data will always maximise results.

As a data cleansing company, Jonti Telemarketing can take any telemarketing data base and execute the following tasks:

Clarify current decision maker names
Confirm decision maker job titles match each contact name
Postal address cleansing
Collate genuine, direct email addresses
De-duplication ensuring only one current record per contact
Extract detailed company information to meet a more industry specific criteria

With an increasing reliance on electronic communication as well as posted material, having information received by the right person will immediately increase the potential conversion rate of any campaign. Whether simply looking to update existing telemarketing lists or sourcing new telemarketing data, our data cleansing services can help.

When choosing a company to complete your data cleansing, ensure from the outset they know exactly what your objectives are. Establish project milestones and ensure that as part of any data cleansing solution, regular updates and progress is reported. Jonti Telemarketing provide consistent feedback highlighting any changes from our data cleaning exercise. In the interest of providing a translucent campaign structure, our clients can see exactly how their resource is being utilised.

With data cleansing so important to developing new business it is essential that the right people are charged with the task. Why leave to chance what we can deliver?

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation – a focused script and carefully planned lead generation campaign will, without question, deliver results. Our well established team has unrivalled experience in many business sectors including:

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  • BannerIcon3organisational development training
  • BannerIcon3 recruitment
  • BannerIcon3 security installations & management
  • BannerIcon3electrical contractors
  • BannerIcon3graphic design
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