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Sales Lead Generation Services

Any business looking to increase market share must carefully analyse and develop a strategy for gaining and managing sales leads. Ensuring the correct Quality : Quantity ratio of sales leads lies at the heart of any successful sales funnel. Quality in, equates to quality out.

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Are you looking for:

An increase in sales leads?
An increase in appointments for your sales team?
A focused and sales lead to generate new business relationships?
A professionally managed telemarketing campaign?
Monthly campaign progress summaries?
Detailed monthly reports tracking all developments?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then Jonti Telemarketing are the sales lead generation company that you need to be talking to. With over 20 years experience of building new business for our clients we have a proven track record in a diverse range of sales environments.

With so many lead generation services offered by so many companies, one thing our clients find reassuring is the fact that Jonti Telemarketing also provide telesales training. We can help train you and your team with the tried and tested methodologies we use ourselves. This will ensure your company maximises every opportunity encountered.

As an extension to your sales team, our collective of experienced, professional and polite Account Managers develop relationships for you. People buy into people first and foremost as part of any sales process in any environment. Start a relationship on the wrong footing and instantly barriers, objections and negativity are encountered. You need to be able to trust the company doing this for you.

People are rarely ready to buy from you until after at least the seventh communication. With expert call centre services, much of this initial communication has already taken place before you even meet potential customers. The groundwork has been laid as part of the sales lead generation process, and the prospect feels they already know you when you first meet with them.

So if you are looking to develop telemarketing sales leads, improve your telemarketing data or crucially gain new business, please make contact with us to find out how we can help.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation – a focused script and carefully planned lead generation campaign will, without question, deliver results. Our well established team has unrivalled experience in many business sectors including:

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  • BannerIcon3organisational development training
  • BannerIcon3 recruitment
  • BannerIcon3 security installations & management
  • BannerIcon3electrical contractors
  • BannerIcon3graphic design
  • BannerIcon3 IT support
  • BannerIcon3 intellectual property coaching
  • BannerIcon3 education
  • BannerIcon3 marketing

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