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Cold Calling

As part of a well constructed sales and marketing strategy, cold calling potential prospects is a fact of everyday business life. Managing many specialist services internally, that fall outside of your company remit, can prove to be a false economy. Telesales cold calling is no different. With a 5% success rate widely considered a very good achievement when making cold calls, an individual’s motivation can suffer. So, is there an alternative?

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Enlisting the services of a telesales call centre instantly increases the ability to maximise success rates. Jonti Telemarketing has been making cold calls on behalf of an extensive portfolio of clients for many years. A number of which have been using our services on a regular basis for approaching 10 years. So what is the secret to solid cold calling techniques? And why, considering all the telesales companies in the marketplace, should you chose Jonti Telemarketing?

With all cold calls:

We clarify we are speaking with the right person before entering a conversation
We research your target market to ensure we are contacting the right companies that have a need for your services / products – we do not call the masses!
We are focused and set time aside to make uninterrupted calls
We are consistent and efficiently manage repeat calls on a regular basis
We relationship build instead of trying to sell direct over the phone
We always ask intelligent questions matched to what you feel your potential clients need, and the problems they have when sourcing your services
We encourage natural conversations by asking relevant questions
We prepare for the most common objections likely to be experienced and ensure we  have a positive, genuine response
We have the confidence to allow prospects to talk freely whilst empathising with their needs
We use an honest approach to ensure we are enabling a prospect to make the best decisions when choosing to buy for their company
We do not use force or aggression as it never works
We keep calls simple and make clear the reason for our call
We do not try to baffle with ‘industry speak’
We give prospects a genuine, intelligent reason for our call... ‘we are calling you because...’
Most importantly, WE LISTEN to what the prospect is saying and work our conversation around this. None of us want to be talked at. We do, however, want to be listened to and understood. Why is it very few telesales companies seem to realise this!?

Now that you know a number of our cold calling techniques, isn’t it time Jonti Telemarketing found out a little more about your company? Simply call or email us today, or follow the useful links below.

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