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Telemarketing Services

Are you like many of Jonti Telemarketing’s clients whereby you don’t have time to pick up the phone and speak with potential new customers on a regular basis? Is it that you haven’t got the experience or (and this is the most common reason) can’t bear the thought of ‘cold calling’ other businesses?

Well you are not alone. We have found most organisations we work for, however big or small, are either reluctant to make this type of outbound telemarketing call or simply do not have the skills. This is a commonplace and is where we can help.

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Jonti Telemarketing is a telemarketing company that provide one of the quickest routes to market for any business. We are here to pick up the phone and speak with your potential new clients direct. Our proven and highly successful telemarketing services are not only based on years of experience, but rely on established telemarketers with a passion for their work. This is our secret to being able to provide the best telemarketing service in the business.

Most of us can easily identify calls made from a call centre environment. The tapping of keyboards, distracting conversations we hear in the background or uncomfortable pauses; all hold very negative conations. The movement of many call centres abroad can also provide additional objections when calling your target market. Working with a UK Telemarketing organisation, without the call centre environment, minimises exposure to such risks.

Targeting the right types of company to achieve the greatest success from your campaign is central to the telemarketing services and B2B Appointment Generation Jonti Telemarketing provides. We help your business by identifying those organisations with a genuine need or interest in your services, which saves you time and energy to focus elsewhere.

We understand that selecting the right outsourcing telemarketing specialist is very difficult. It’s no different to employing services of any type, from accountancy through to car maintenance. Take a few moments to look over our testimonials and hear what other companies say about our telemarketing services. This is why we believe you should call us today for professional advice and guidance on how to achieve the most from your telemarketing campaign.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation – a focused script and carefully planned lead generation campaign will, without question, deliver results. Our well established team has unrivalled experience in many business sectors including:

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  • BannerIcon3organisational development training
  • BannerIcon3 recruitment
  • BannerIcon3 security installations & management
  • BannerIcon3electrical contractors
  • BannerIcon3graphic design
  • BannerIcon3 IT support
  • BannerIcon3 intellectual property coaching
  • BannerIcon3 education
  • BannerIcon3 marketing

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Phone: 01453 297332
Mob: 07908 252604

email: enquiries@jontitelemarketing.co.uk

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